Remember last year when everybody was excited to reach October 21, 2015 because that was my birthday?  Coincidentally it was the future date that Marty McFly and Doc reached in their DeLorean in Back to the Future II… but that was a minor detail in the news, I think.  Anyway, remember how there were endless Facebook posts and even news articles on what their vision of the future was, versus what our “future” actually is? Most of the articles were written in the mindset that we failed to achieve what they envisioned in the film. 

Well, that is not entirely true. 

BMW i8

BMW i8

I present you the BMW i8… or, as it is commonly known: The BMW “Great Scot!”… or for the religious:  The BMW Holy Moly!

This is a plug in electric hybrid super car that has a powerful electric motor over the front wheels and small twin turbo gas assist engine over the rear wheels… but you know what is really amazing…?

What is really amazing is this thing has back seats!  They are perfectly appointed to carrying your friends….no…. that’s not true.  The rear bucket seats are perfectly appointed to carrying your hat… and maybe a sandwich if it is not too big. 

Yes, I do believe our friends in Bavaria have improved on the shapely design of the DMC DeLorean a bit.  The frame of the car is carbon fiber, and this adds to it being a “green machine.”

And after this piece of sticker shock for an older model, I think I can make real purpose of this photo essay clear:  If you want a carbon fiber means of looking like an awesome person that cares about the environment, there might be something better:

Try this throwback from Day Two on for size.  It, too, sports a carbon fiber frame.  It, too, sports a twin-engine twin-turbo design powering a twenty-two speed transmission and will get you from 0-60mph if the downhill is a an asphalt-paved section of the double black diamond trail at the ski slopes.  Realistically though this bicycle cruises comfortably at 21mph and has a high cruise of 26mph.  The BMW probably goes like 300mph or something… but when you are on the Parkway at rush hour… : )

And the bike undoubtedly costs less than just one of the doors on the BMW.  So, you know… there’s that.


Get on the bike!

— W.

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