NYers move. 

More than the speed of this Screaming Eagle van, I was blown away by what it says on the door.  You probably cannot read it on your screen, but when it is enlarged, it reads:

“S Kitchens – 8 Chernobyl – Monroe, NY 10950”

Chernobyl?!?  Yep.  Turns out that is an actual address up near Bear Mountain.  Anyway, I just thought it made for a neat photo.  I wonder who ‘Mino’ is?

In another example of NYers on the go, we have the same day courier industry.  These guys have been around for a long time, but now that Amazon and some other big box retailers are offering same day delivery of packaged goods- things are really starting to take off.  It is not just documents, mail, and office supplies anymore.

In New York, everyone is too busy and too rushed to wait for a next day arrival from FedEx or UPS, even if they do claim it will arrive by 10:30am.  When someone orders a box of pens, new shoes, lunch, or a last minute gift- they need it right now. “Not tomorrow, not after breakfast… NOW!” (Who knows it??)  Because a last minute gift in NYC is just that: within a few minutes of being detrimentally late. 

These couriers truly are an industry here.  Many use electric motor assist bicycles of some kind- but the hardcore ones will actually do this on a single track bike! (One gear)  They have high-tech waterproof and ‘NYC Street Mystery Liquid’ proof bags and clothes, and they have one objective with an awesome benefit:  Deliver, and get in crazy good shape doing it. 

The downside is they are dirt poor.  That means they live like hell and eat even worse.  But hey, this town never said it was going to be easy. 


4 thoughts on “Thirty-Five.

    1. Great! : ) This is really becoming a fun project for me and I’m happy to share whatever I find each day. Thanks for checking it out-


    1. I’d be willing to bet places like Portland, Houston, and Seattle do, because they are very bike-friendly cities. We follow magazines that talk about these things- the installation of safe bike lanes and such. NY has really became quite good at installing the lanes and it makes it not only safe, but very fast to cycle from anywhere to anywhere. And parking is always available and free…

      When you think about it, it seems absurd to use a 3,000 pound car with 65 cubic feet of trunk space to deliver.. a pair of shoes. A report. Coffee. : )


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