It takes a lot to keep our household running, as is the case with everyone here I’m sure.  Every morning Mandy wakes up Emile- sometimes 7am but usually it is closer to 5am or 3am.  He takes care of her without complaint, while Joey keeps us company in our bedroom- also without complaint.

Mandy and Emile have a routine:  She wakes him up by driving him crazy with the whimpers which then lead to the loud crying- and finally the nudging.  He turns on coffee, takes her out back, and then makes them their breakfast.  At the sound of the food, Joey is suddenly alert and downstairs.  Once the aroma of the coffee reaches me like the way the aroma of pie reached Tom & Jerry, I too am suddenly alert and downstairs. 

And then we all head outside again to see what the day looks like while finishing coffee.

ps- Do you see Joey in the photo?


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