“Remarks are not literature.” 

There are plaques embedded into the sidewalk on East 41st Street as you walk towards the NY Public Library from different authors, poets, and literary scholars. Some are very detailed with pictures and others are just words, like this one. 

I read most of them, and while I have never heard of Gertrude Stein, this one completely stopped me in my tracks. It was not only the words that are written purposely in reverse, but the central statement, written properly, is worth repeating for the purpose of careful contemplation. 

“Remarks are not literature.”

I’ll leave it at that. 

3 thoughts on “Twenty-Nine.

  1. It takes that little bit of extra "time" to realize that these words were written in reverse. Most people, including myself, would not take that time. We are all better because you did. Thank you.


    1. To me, it seemed the words written backwards are to help us see that more words are just that- more words. Words without benefit are just remarks… noise. This project is exposing me to the "rest of NY," that overwhelmingly large portion that is not covered in the tourist guides. So lucky for that…


  2. It is a challenge to read, so, I tried taking a photograph and flipping it to see if it would be easer to read. Well the words are in the right order but the letters are backwards. Example: The letter "b" becomes a "d" Therefore, do I try to read the passage backwards (right to left) or do I try to read the passage the right way (left to right) and deal with the letters backwards. mmm.


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