If we are to be reincarnated with a choice, I think I would choose to come back as a bird.  I mean… can you even imagine that sort of freedom?

Passaic Park

Passaic Park

After taking the dogs for a walk in Passaic Park, I decided to come back with the camera and three slices of Jewish rye bread with the intent of taking today’s photograph.  While the cool blue skies are beautiful, I am more partial to the power of a B&W image with a red filter: it allows the blue sky to turn dark while making the clouds pop white.  Oh, the rye? We live in a deeply Hasidic area, and so I thought I might treat the birds as such.  And I like rye.

With just one toss of bread...

With just one toss of bread…

I positioned myself a good distance away from the birds with the hope of taking a picture while they flew towards me.  With just a single toss of a small piece of bread, the entire swarm launched into the air- I was only able to mash the shutter button on my camera, hoping it made some good decisions all by itself in order to get a clear photo for me. 

On final.

On final.

Here are the leaders of the flock on final approach to the smorgasbord. 

Seagull Ice Capades

Seagull Ice Capades

Some of the seagulls slid and fell over while landing on the ice- not as graceful as the original Ice Capades performers, I am sure.  In the distance you can see hundreds of Canadian Geese.  They never moved.  Lazy, I guess.

Laris delawarensis

Laris delawarensis

This breed of seagull has a black ring towards the distal end of its beak.  According to the all-knowing Wiki, that makes it a Laris delawarensis.  You know.. in case you were wondering.  : )


Organizational Update:

On the home page, I added two buttons:  The Project:365 entries button takes you to the latest blog entry.  The new “Summary” button takes you to this new summary page where you can see all the blog entry photos in summary form.  You can click on any of them, or all of them, to see the corresponding entry.  There will be thirty thumbnail images per page.

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4 thoughts on “Thirty.

  1. My dream has always been to come back as a bird too. I loved your witty comments and all the pictures of my fine feathered friends. I sure miss the Jersey Shore seagulls.


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