The Roman-style building on the right is the Memorial Federal Building, and the statue in front is George Washington. It was from that building that he was sworn in as the first President of the new United States.  


I am going to spend some more time in this area, because there is really a lot to see. For example, the building across the street that George Washington is looking at is 11 Wall Street- the New York Stock Exchange.   The massive steeple that you’re staring at straight ahead is a good two blocks away down this cobblestone section of Wall Street.    That is Trinity Church, which among many things is the final resting place of Alexander Hamilton.  

More posts will certainly follow from this- the epicenter of money, wealth, and the real birth of this nation. 

Federal Building Dome

Federal Building Dome

4 thoughts on “Twenty-Eight.

    1. Thanks! I might do a few pages just on different subjects at some point in the future… like an attractions list for NYC. The Federal Building is well worth that.


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