“Hi… Excuse me… Yes, I’m standing here dressed like I’m from Planet of the Apes or something and if I could just have a moment… Oh.. Ok….” “Oh, hello… Yes I am dress-…sigh….” 


This character was in costume and twirling his baton about with hopes of receiving some loose change from those visiting Union Square Park. These characters seem to be far less successful than artists, who in turn are far less successful than the musicians. I suppose there is a heiarchy even among those working the street. 


What do you think about this, though? This guy probably did not run in to Kohls (clown aisle?) and bought this outfit for the sole purpose of performing in Union Square… And even if he did, what about the baton skills?  I mean, he wasn’t Circus Solei-ing it or anything, but he wasn’t terrible, either.  So I began to wonder if he had a job as performer on stage, or in a circus of some kind, and looks to supplement his income during his off time. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but I just began to wonder. 


I think about that when I hear some of the more talented musicians in the subways, too. Rent is not cheap in this neighborhood.  

And then there is this: 


“I see the silhouette of a man- Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the fandango?”   

Cheers. : ) 

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