Do you remember a couple weeks back when I mentioned that a great part of this project is that I do not need to think about the photos I should take each day- but instead I merely have to keep my eyes and mind open?

Let me introduce you to Yeonsoon, who immediately provided me with the most motivating personal encounter I had so far this year!

Let me take it from the top:  When I first arrived at the park to go for my run, I sat in the car for a few minutes thinking about how I could talk myself out of actually running.  I did not eat well, I did not drink water… And then out in the distance I saw this old woman walking behind her wheelchair!  Holy. Moly.  Two things happened simultaneously: 1) There is no way I was going to miss out on today’s 5K now and 2), I had to say hello.

Sitting in the car waiting to be motivated in 3... 2...

Sitting in the car waiting to be motivated in 3… 2…

On my first lap, I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled.  On the third lap, an unfortunate opportunity presented itself and Batman rose from inside me to save the day:  As she was traversing the small pile of snow that is just behind her in the photo above, Yeonsoon took a small tumble.  NO!!  So I ran in, got her back upright and back on the handlebars.  “Do you think she needs to sit down?” “No, she is ok,” said Yeonsoon’s daughter.  Double. Whammy.  Not only did Yeonsoon raise the bar infinitely high as to what constitutes a valid excuse not to exercise, but she also made it impossible for any of us to ever contemplate not getting up and carrying on with poise and dignity.   

Yeonsoon’s daughter explained to me that she likes walking in the park during the winter especially, because it is good for the heart.  Additionally, she is particularly motivated to focus on her health because one of her close friends passed away during the blizzard on Saturday while shoveling snow.  We have all heard that same story too many times, however; at an amazingly healthy ninety-six years of age, Yeonsoon chooses not to sit.  She chooses to Be All She Can Be.

This was a great moment for me, and I hope it is for you also.  I just ask for you to take a good look at Yeonsoon’s wonderful smile.  Then look at her daughter’s equally wonderful, and proud, smile.  I think with that small task, you will see just what I saw.

Now get to the park!

No one is going to do it for you.

— W.

*The wheel chair was a just in case measure… one that she seldom used.

4 thoughts on “Twenty-Six.

  1. Hi Mark. It is nice that you took the time to spend time with an old timer. It reminded me of the of the time when I spent some time with the old farmer, Mr. Smith, who once owned the property at 19 Cornell, and the time I spent at a nursing home in Neptune. I can still see the subdued smile on the face of the 105 year old lady I photographed. Yeonsoon and her daughter will remember this day just like you will. Good job.


    1. I’m happy the post brought back some good memories for you as well. : ) I remember this portrait- very subdued, if I remember right.


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