Who would have guessed that today’s post would be yet another picture displaying the grand Blizzard of 2016?  Well, this picture is not of the blizzard.  This is a picture of my beautiful wife and our two wonderful dogs out for a walk.  The blizzard merely photobombed it. 

And a bomb it was… As something like 85 million of our neighbors would have to agree! (It’s a big neighborhood)  Nearly two feet of snow in a single day is quite a feat.  But here we are the morning after the storm and just about all the sidewalks are clean, the street is plowed, and the cars are dug out from their snowy tombs.  We don’t stay still for long-  halfway through the storm was when the first hum of the snowblowers in the neighborhood sent out they rallying call and by nightfall the first wave of plowing was complete. 

This morning, by 9am, we were all out of our houses and finishing the jobs while under a cool blue sky and warm sun.  Preparation combined with good weather makes for an enjoyable snow day.  : )

On another note- I realized I forgot to include a little video of Joey on Nineteen.  So you can click here and it will take you back to that post if you like.  The video is at the bottom.

Your thoughts?

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