Today is my sister Ali’s birthday and I came up with a photo I had hoped to take, but the weather today prevented my idea from reaching fruition.  So… rain check. 

Instead, I decided to take a photo that demonstrates the value of having the right tool for the job.  Yesterday we had a nice green lawn, and by the time I go to bed tonight it will be covered in nearly two feet of snow!  That is an incredible amount of precipitation for one day! 

Our dogs are big dogs, but they still do not care to get buried in snow while going out to take a pee.  I learned this one from my Dad:  use a snow blower to make trails through the snow so they can walk freely.  This Ariens beast is a couple years old now, and a true life saver.  It makes shoveling snow so easy that I not only clean our yard and driveway, but I plow the street in front of the house for parking cars easy and then I take care of a couple of my neighbor’s homes too. 

So… that was our day.  And if you were one of the 70 million that resides in the path of this storm, then I am sure your day was similar.  Hopefully everyone’s lights and heat remained on.

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