Now you might not know it from this picture, but Joey is not the most enthusiastic of bathers!  There is a lot of fur real estate on a 7 stone, 4 pound dog (102 pounds), and when those stones shake, the forecast calls for rain.  In the end, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

So here is a quick review of PetValu.  They are an international health-based pet supply franchise based out of Ontario, Canada.  They are the pet version of Whole Foods. 

Anyway, for $10 they have a feature that we thoroughly enjoy:  The self service pet spa. 


The quality is top notch:  They provide three tiled in tubs, a small and two large, and they are about three feet off the floor.  Each has its own taps and sprayers, and the user regulates the temperature.  They have a blower dryer with a long flexible hose as well, so the motor is high above the pet to help ease the stress.  The floor of the tub is tile as well- to help prevent slipping.  There are a couple of hook eyes mounted to the wall and they have short leashes so you can tie you dog to the wall to keep both hands free to wash.  You can bring you own soap or use theirs, and they provide the towels for free as well.  There has never been a shortage of clean towels.  They don’t put a time limit, and every sixth wash is free!   It is a fantastic store and I hope they expand across America in the coming years as well.  We are fortunate you can almost see this place from our house!

So Joey was the first, and Mandy had her turn soon after.  Now we have to wait at least a week before saying, “You dirty dog…”

Last year I made a short video of Joey getting a bath… enjoy:

8 thoughts on “Nineteen.

    1. While he is there, he thinks he will never get through. When it is over, he seems to feel like he won the lottery! Every. Single. Time.


    1. Yeah you could see it. : ) I shot this with the slow motion feature on the iPhone. You might want to give it a try with your kiddos……


  1. Dad & I sure enjoyed watching Joey shake in slow motion and the still shot of his ferocious canine tooth. πŸ˜‰ Loved the music too.


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