Many of the people I follow through social blogs and YouTube video logs share an opinion that 2016 is going to somehow be a defining year for us all.  Nobody seems to know why, but these are all very different people from different walks of life that all say the same thing- even though they might (probably) disagree about many other subjects.  The other coincidence here is that I feel the same way.  I just can’t put my finger on it- but there is something brewing.  Do you agree?

The way I see it is this can be viewed one of two ways, but I cannot decide which makes more sense.  Either there truly is going to be some major, defining moment at some point this year that we will all identify with, or this is all in my head and the coincidence of hearing other people say what I am thinking is some psychological result of our uncanny ability to listen for only what we want to hear. 

In either case the reaction is the same.  If there is a forthcoming moment that will define us, then naturally I must be appropriately dressed.  And if there is no such grand event in the forecast- then I’ll make one.  : ) 

Either way, we shall “Downton Abbey the heck out of this year!”

One thought on “Fifteen.

  1. "Naturally I must be appropriately dressed" if ppl only knew how much this really embodies you. 😄

    I love the picture. And looking back on the project, it appears that you have something "a’brewing" yourself. 😏

    What will your "Downton Abbey" outfit look like? 😏


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