Baker’s Dozen.



My thoughts are scrambled today.  We have a lot going on but I wasn’t going to let the unlucky thirteen beat me, so here we go.  Grand Central Terminal celebrated its 100th year of operation last year, and it hasn’t had a single quiet day in those 100 years as far as I can tell.  It is the commuter’s clubhouse, and it serves people in all modes of transportation, except for the personal automobile- and that is a beautiful thing.  New York is simply too congested than for everyone to run around in their own fifty square feet of mass-produced, airbag-infused, leather-upholstered piece of personal space.  “Personal space” is what the microscopic apartments are for!

Grand Central is typically my inspiration hub for photography, too.  I go here to get in the zone and start many days from somewhere in here.  The inspiration comes from the people, specifically, from their energy.  And for my convenience the hundred something train and subway tracks under this building will take me anywhere I want to go for a few bucks or less. 

…But today was different.  Today I would not head anywhere.  Today… I had an awesome piece of Blueberry Jamboree from Magnolia’s Bakery in the lower level- and that turned out to be all I needed to feel accomplished.  I highly recommend them if you are in town.  A little pricey, but consider the different between a delicacy and something smashed today from a fast food chain.


Oh, and the picture of the day?  I like cycling.  I really like that over the past couple years cyclists have gone from the bane of commuter’s existence to a welcomed member, most of the day.   Furthermore, I get a lot farther a lot faster using a combination of subways and my bicycle than I could ever hope for in an automobile- that is no exaggeration.  And it is wicked fun. 

Anyway, here is a short time lapse to demonstrate the liveliness of this transport hub.

Everybody is coming and going, except for the guy in the middle of the video who was stuck on “pause” after becoming completely encompassed by something on his cellphone.  It covers a city block and like the icebergs- it is larger underground than it is above ground.  It is a great place to pause and feel the human energy. 

Do you think that guy in the middle was reading : )


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