It is about to snow.

Please enlarge this photo by clicking on it.  New York is a big city, and it does not look as good when miniaturized. ; )

It took a lot of motivation to get out of the house, today.  The sky was so heavy with frozen-moisture ridden clouds, the ground was cold and hard.  It was also very windy, and it felt like little knives were cutting me as the wind smashed against me.  The grimace set upon my face was frozen for the duration, but that expression was a lie: In my mind I was quite content with the result of the opportunity to take this photograph.

In the words of my father-in-law Emile, “Manhattan… is Manhattan.”  That is how he describes the city.  If you are unfamiliar with New York, then that description will not make sense.  It will not make sense because as we know, it is improper to use the word of inquiry in the definition.  i.e. It would be improper to say the definition of film… is film.  In this circumstance, however, Emile is exactly right.  There is no other word in the English language that can fully encompass what Manhattan is to millions of people who call it their home, their work, their playtime, their whole life. 

Manhattan… is Manhattan.




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