11:366 - All daily pictures can be clicked to enlarge.

11:366 – All daily pictures can be clicked to enlarge.

Ode to Joey. 

This is a portrait of our ‘Number One.’  Joey is our dog and he has been with us since we rescued him in 2005.  He knows he was rescued too- because ever since we took him out of the shelter, these beautiful piercing eyes have been locked on us, just like you see here.  He is my shadow, and my friend.  

Joey has seen us through many things- and like all great dogs, he has stayed by our side with a wagging tail, smile on his face, and forever ready.  He sleeps in our bed with his head on our pillow, he stands between our legs when we dance, and he always lets us know whenever the mailman is on our block.  He always faces us, and never rests where he cannot see us. 

Another great trait about Joey is that he learned to be patient with me and this little photography hobby of mine, as you can see in the picture above.  He doesn’t mind the camera staring at him, or the popping of the strobes in the background.  As lucky as his is to have us, we are doubly lucky to have him.

Mandy… on the other hand… Well the background image you see behind the “Eleven” title is what usually happens when she sees the camera.  If not that, then she gives me her backside.    C’est la vie.  : )


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