10:366, Click to enlarge.

10:366, Click to enlarge.

We had such heavy rain today, but in January we should always be thankful for heavy rain as opposed to heavy snow.  I knew I would have about zero interest to walk around in the rain looking for beautiful photographs, so on my way out of work I snapped this one for Day Ten.  Here is a little information on what we are looking at:  About half the trains that take commuters to work in the city end up in Hoboken, which rests along the Jersey side of the Hudson River.  From there the commuters take either the subway or ferry service to Manhattan. 

Overview of Hoboken Terminal.

Overview of Hoboken Terminal.

So as you can see here, the tracks end pretty much right at the river.  This is all tidal water and when we get particularly heavy rainstorms mixed with particularly high tides, the seawater raises up through the ground, rises over the rails, and causes a little trouble in the depot… and that little bit of trouble is the subject of today’s photo. 

The terminal complex has been around for a little more than 100 years, so it doesn’t seem like anyone is in any kind of rush to change things to prevent this from happening. 


So this is how we ‘dock the boats’ on days such as these.  

4 thoughts on “Ten.

    1. Thanks. Yeah it seems it might have been wise to build the station up another six inches…but maybe the ocean waters were not so high one hundred years ago. ; )


    1. Yeah- the same can be said about the cover photo to this website (on the homepage). That is the Empire State Building and few others are so powerful in appearance.


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