January 9, 2016

After this year passes, by which I mean to say after a year of successfully taking, editing, and posting photographs to this blog site passes, my intention is to create a book.  It was with this in mind that I spent a little time today trying to consider how to foresee how 366 images will look in book form, and what I might be able to do to keep the interest.

So imagine this:  You are back in your fifth grade school year (and maybe some of you still are!) and you have been assigned a novel to read.  This not-so-little novel is 366 pages long and you have no idea what it is about.  You thumb the pages briefly and notice it is nothing but words.  You let out a quiet “Ugh!” because, like I said, you are in fifth grade and words are so… wordy. 

Now imagine the excitement you have if it went something like this: As you thumbed through the pages you notice it was one of those books that has a few color photos inserted in the middle so as to help tell the story.  “Great!” you exclaim, to the disdain of the librarian Mrs. Crook.  (Shudder…she was a crazy mean lady, wasn’t she?? Or maybe she just appeared crazy mean because we are in fifth grade and we did not have the ability to see past her outward appearances and demeanor.)

So here is my idea:  Some days need a little bit of creative highlighting because some days, like today, just so happen to be a little bit more important to the author than the rest.  So as we mentally thumb through Chapter January in this book we selected off the 2017 New York Times Best Sellers List (Position No. 1), let us all take a moment to pause on the picture of the small bird perched on the branch with small winter purple berries. 

Today is my Mom’s birthday, and she is a perfect bit of color for our otherwise monochrome winter. 

Cheers, Mom.  Happy Birthday, and Keep Dancing.  : ) 

4 thoughts on “Nine.

  1. When I saw that precious bird, I thought how kind of you to post a picture of one of my fine feathered friends on my birthday. I loved your story and humorous comment about a certain "librarian". But it’s when you mentioned me in the kindest of ways, you blew your dear old mother away and I cried happy tears of joy. I’m dancing!!! 😀💗


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