January 7, 2016

I had plans to go in to the city today to start working on some street photography projects.  That is a genre that generally seeks artistic depictions of regular people doing regular things.  It is my favorite genre because it is so real.  It has a lot to do with my belief in the value of capturing moments, which I have further described here. 

Instead, I decided to undergo some housework.  It is January 8th and by now most of us should have our Christmas decorations down, because as fast as time seems to go… July is right around the corner already!

Christmas trees are a… well, I don’t know the word but what do you think of this:  They spend a few years growing to a perfect shape so as to provide each of us with about a month of joy and aroma in our homes.  We are usually all smiles bringing them home and decorating them as a family.  They are the epicenter of gift giving and receiving on Christmas Day.  …And then a New Year rises and they are thrown back out to the cold, on their side, and quickly forgotten.  Taking out the Christmas tree is the final act for these small symbols of happiness and peace.  The removal is a chore whereas the installation is cheery holiday spirit.   

I’d suggest that we should love and care for these trees as they prepare for their final curbside pickup and journey to the ever after… but who am I kidding?  It was dropping pine needles everywhere and it simply had to go!



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