January 6, 2016

Today’s post is about happiness.  We have two dogs: Joey and Mandy.  Joey likes to lounge around and soak up the sun.  Mandy…  well, Mandy likes to run!  Last summer, I saw a guy running his dog in a large field with the dog tied to a length of dock line (rope).  At that time, my Dad was teaching me how to operate and care for his boat and one lesson was how to splice rope.  “So I got to thinking…”

Fifty feet of rope, a stainless steel latch, and some stellar splicing activity later- Mandy had herself a fifty foot leash.  And it makes her so happy!

For those that remember the old blog website, I moved those blogs over to this one here.  They can also be accessed from the bottom of the homepage, or the top right of any page, using ‘The Originals’ link.  If you are among the very very people left on Earth that has not had the opportunity to read the original posts (ha), check them out… if you like to read.  I get a little wordy at times. 


2 thoughts on “Six.

  1. I throughly enjoyed this one. But it left me wanting to see more. Maybe it’s because I know Mandy’s big smile while she’s on that brilliant rope, or how she charges everything because she knows she’s going to go far.

    I love everything about this. 😊💗👍🏽


    1. Thanks : ) so today’s lesson is that there will be plenty of times that I want to post more than one photograph, but I suppose I must limit myself in order for all this to work out right. There still a purpose for Flickr : )


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