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January 3, 2016

I certainly did not think that I was going to have a subway picture as the picture of the day… this early on in the program!  I have an excuse though.  The subways in New York City, while better than they used to be, have never been described with adjectives like clean… or modern… or spacious…  Until now.

This is a new station at an old location:  The 34th Street Hudson Rail yards.  I have not been here before, and only found it by chance while walking to the river to take another picture that I thought I might use for today.  I had to take a step back once I went inside.  Also- for all you New Yorker fans- I was even more pleased to see that they did not skimp on the use of mosaic tile displays while coming down the main entrance!  These are the sort of things that makes New York… New York, and I am glad that they spared no expense here.  Congratulations to the 7: connecting Grand Central all the way to the West Side Highway and Javits Center now.

See you tomorrow. : )

Your thoughts?

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