Negative One. (The Prequel)


2015 went down as a historic year for me personally- and I submit to you that it is largely due to getting an education while undergoing several very large projects all at the same time.  If I am lucky, then hindsight will one day suggest that I did learn some things about my personal wants and desires, and I am truly ready to dive into 2016 with a little tighter focus on what gets me out of bed each day.  Curious what I came up with?  Click through…


My goal for 2016 is to truly get back to my roots.  Lately, I haven’t had as much interest in trying new things as I do in trying to do ‘old’ things well.  Recently I became startled at the realization that I have been working and honing the photography craft for twenty years.  Twenty years!!  I don’t even feel like I am twenty years old half the time!  (The other half feels like 120 years but that is a story for another day)  So I have decided to see if I can regularly produce quality photographs and keep a regular schedule with WordPress to display them.  I hope you’ll subscribe to this newsletter and keep coming back as we move forward!




I had a really nice long talk with Matil this morning, and after that talk and watching more videos from some of our favorite inspirational people, to include Casey Neistat and Zack Arias, we decided that it is less important to focus the polish and more important to focus on the delivery of content.  That is, of course, the way to get the ball rolling here.  I hope by the year’s end that the polish comes through in spades!


Cheers- and enjoy!






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