Negative One. (Prequel)

The Plaza- Little foggy that day.

The Plaza- Little foggy that day.

So here is the introduction and rough draft.  I have a few rules that I will attempt to set for myself so as to keep this project current, repeatable, and on some sort of schedule.  I intend to:

  • Post one image and caption the morning after each date.  If I can figure out the time-release option for the postings, then I think I will choose something like 8 or 9am.  
  • The photos by themselves will be displayed on a separate gallery page for quick scanning.  Presently, I ave a few photos on the gallery page which will be deleted after the first week of this project.
  • I am not limiting myself to B&W.  But this project is starting in the winter, and B&W works wonders in the winter.


And that is about it!  The format may adjust over the coming weeks as I learn more about the building of this website, but after that I hope I can manage to leave it alone for consistency’s sake.  I hope you enjoy this-

Your thoughts?

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