The only constant in the world… is change.  Everything changes, nothing remains the same.  If it were to remain the same, then what would all the old-timers talk about instead of telling all the youngsters “how it used to be” and “it was so much different when we were young?”

I recently read an article that said the average life expectancy of a sky scraper in New York was only fifty or sixty years.  Really?  I mean, that is a trend and not a rule because there is plenty of gothic architecture in New York that spills over from generations past.  I suppose if I knew more about building in history then I would probably agree.  In any case, I don’t have the background to disagree with it.

But walking around the city, I certainly see more than enough hammerhead stick cranes building new structures- and it seems most of the rest are under some sort of renovation, repair, or maybe even disassembly.  I have a little hypothesis on the rate of change in NYC though:  Everybody comes here to make their mark, or at least they hope to.  Its everywhere:  from ballet, to comedians, to movie stars, to musicians, to artists, businessmen, salesmen, and hey why not- architects.


We all know of the limited space in the city, and the amount of free space must outdo the number of up-and-coming architects by a serious margin.  There must be a big industry in the searching for, buying, and destroying of properties in the city so that new architects can leave their mark and build a name for themselves.  I mean, building a sky scraper in New York City is going to do more for a resume than a sky scraper in, say, Boise.

So that’s it then- and that explains why we have dozens of styles of buildings in the city- they are all part of the evolutionary landscape created by generations of new architects all trying to do something new, different- something that builds their name. But hey…  if we all do something different, does that make us all the same?

Maybe we should just accept that we are not so different.


That’s not to say that I don’t like to see change or the differences- I enjoy the artistic value that variety gives us.


She is variety, different, unique and also bold and probably has a very direct and to the point personality.  It takes a lot to go out of the house like this and not be afraid to make your point known to the world.  It also must provide her with a sense of freedom to express herself in such non-traditional ways.  Kudos.

2 thoughts on “Nonstop.

  1. I really enjoy reading all your articles and love how you add your pictures in between the article too. Love, Mom

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