Sitting at a Red Light


So this website has existed for several years now and I keep having this on again, off again relationship with the idea that I enjoy writing creatively and also enjoy sharing some of my experiences with friends, family and complete-total-strangers.  Weird?  I don’t think I care. . . But that is the sole purpose of this website, and it is one that I feel strongly about while simultaneously completely neglecting it.  Hi, I’m Mark and this is my problem as well as my solution.  “Hi, Mark.”

Sole purpose..  well let’s just clear the air a little bit there.  At the top of the page you will see a Real Estate tab that will soon take you through a long-winded article on the importance of quality photographs for real estate listings and secondly, more importantly, why the agent should call on me to create those very photographs.  So the sole purpose has a little subculture of marketing for a profit venture- but I don’t think that is going to go anywhere.  Not due to lack of skill, but really a lack of need to hound agents for work.  I am really digressing here but I suppose a couple more articles are due:  one is my opinion of salesmen (has that been discussed on the internet, anywhere, ever?)  and maybe another article on my opinion of where “professional” photography is going.

This, too, shall pass.

*sigh* This, too, shall pass.

Longest red light ever.

I suppose the conundrum I am finding myself in is that on one hand there is so much experience and excitement flowing around me that it is hard to learn how to take that initial stab in expression of experiences for others to enjoy.  On the other hand, it should be understood that every individual person is simultaneously experiencing that large pool of excitement flowing around themselves as well- so how do we all just start talking about it without completely overloading the internet with information, stories and adventure?

Well, it has’t happened yet- the internet still has plenty of data storage left and  there still seems to be an interest in reading about other people’s exploits.  This hasn’t changed over time, has it?  Going back to history lessons, we all know of town jesters, minstrels, messengers, and the images of story time around campfires comes to mind as well.  Maybe I am the messenger.  Maybe my purpose here is not to tell the best stories, but instead maybe my purpose is to call attention to the fact that stories must be told.  That certainly is a purpose worth exploring and developing, I think.  As of yet, the other shoes do not seem to fit but I am still growing and have lots of time left to decide.  So for now- yeah- go tell your story.  And I’ll tell mine.  And maybe you are the only other person in the world reading this text, but do me a favor and share the message?  Makes my job easier.  ; )

Maybe my purpose here is not to tell the best stories, but instead maybe my purpose is to call attention to the fact that stories must be told.

Alright, so we are going to get through this traffic light now.  Let’s go.

Everyone has somewhere to be.

Everyone has somewhere to be.

Trains come and go, as do the planes and the cars and the ferries and the rocket ships.  Wow there is a lot of people in the world and it is amazing how no matter where any single person is, more often than not there is somewhere different that they either need to be or would like to be.  In the above sketch, I can assure you there was a lot of places I’d rather be than watching a train go by. . . just as an example.  Flip side, of course, is that very train is the means to an end and a very necessary part of my life.  But still..  I can dream.


That’s better.  And yet even here in an island of millions of people- there are thousands upon thousands trying to get out and an equal number trying to get in.  Just think of it for a moment:  what if the immigrants and expats could all just suddenly trade places?  Wouldn’t that be something?

And he does this many more days than not for many more years than not until his body wears out and he retires himself- and that means he is one of the lucky ones!

If an alien looked down upon us, they would be mystified.  Think of it:  They watch a guy wake up before the sun, climb out of bed and hopefully does some sort of ritual that includes bathing that finally leads him to a car to a train to a subway that takes him to a building in the city for a few hours (more if your on salary), and then he reverses the order.  And he does this many more days than not for many more years than not until his body wears out and he retires himself- and that means he is one of the lucky ones!  What if I told you we could build the top fifty or sixty percent of any sky scraper as an apartment complex and the employer(s) of that tower offered employment packages that subsidized rent during the course of employment.  Does that sound crazy?  I don’t think it does.

People move around the country and the globe for work all the time.  The age of “moving to the ‘burbs” is decidedly past tense now, as my generation seems to value the urban lifestyle with all its conveniences more than the green front lawn ‘pastures’.  More on that here and here.  I think it is because we need those conveniences- employers give us less and less time to ourselves, so frankly, two hours in a car is just ludicrous to think of nowadays. If we can agree that it is more efficient to be a few miles away than thirty- then would it not be even more efficient to be not more than an elevator ride away?

Don’t get me wrong- I am not recommending employers make living conditions anything like the lower east side or North Korea.  It would need to be more like a resort or really nice hotel.  Private, yet connected, but yet again not so connected where employers could reach us any more than they can presently.  Living arrangements would be one other bargaining chip employers can use to woo the best talent.  And there would be no more standing on hot subway platforms, cold bus stops, endless street corners waiting for walk lights or tolls, traffic, accidents or rubberneckers.  Holy moly this is starting to sound exciting!

Work.  Also: Home.

Work. Also: Home.

About that subsidized rent thing:  One tenet of suburbanite living is home ownership.  The big players let us believe we own our homes, but for the vast majority of us we will be under the terms and conditions of a healthy mortgage during our working years, so we really don’t own anything.  So if housing was part of an employment package, then the grief of home maintenance disappears and the stress of purchasing and later selling also disappears.  Then when we retire, we take our savings and buy a stake in wherever we have worked, and dreamed, to live.

I know this sounds far fetched- but so did the idea that the world was round in the not-too-distant past.  Anyway, these are the ramblings of a stir-crazy mind while sitting at a red light.

3 thoughts on “Sitting at a Red Light

  1. Just read this wonderful article. I believe that the Chinese already do something like this but I’m sure it’s not as nice. Below the picture of the Mini you wrote, Trains come and go, as do the plans and the cars etc. Did you really mean planes? How did you get you pictures to look like drawings? Very good job! You should really look into submitting your work. Love, Mom

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I fixed the typo and yes the Chinese do this in the mega factories and your right- it looks like a bad idea when viewed from their stark reality, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look at ways to improve on the idea, either.

      My pictures look like drawings with magic. : )


  2. I enjoyed this article. Very light hearted, with a touch of sic-fi to it. There’s been a few movies that have put your theory in the big screen. Their settings are always super posh, and ultra modern. I’m sure that that’s nothing like the Asian countries have in place. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Keep them coming.


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