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Elevator Motor.  When installed, these were the largest in the w

Elevator Motor.

So I have been a little stressed out recently because once again I have a backlog of photographs I want to edit so that I can update the slideshow on my television, expand my albums for the world to see on Flickr and throw a few onto Facebook with some random thoughts about each- and maybe even about the meaning of life.  But it’s Hump Day and thus, we procrastinate further so I can play Devil’s Advocate on myself [again].

See that picture there?  That is one of the express lift motors from one of the World Trade Center towers that were destroyed by a bunch of bitches on September 11th, 2001.  Just looking at the destruction should pull at our collective heartstrings and open us up for discussion about just so many things- mostly starting with “Why did this happen?” In my opinion- that expected response is correct, but since I am the Devil today, I ask this instead: “Why anything?”

If there is one thing that social media in the internet age has shown us, it is this:  Given the ability, there is no shortage of people that have a great interest in sharing their thoughts, memories, opinions, pictures and/or any other tidbit of information that tells the story of themselves and those they care about.  Let us dissect this a bit.

Going back a few hundred years, there was a very small number of people that actually had their opinion recorded in the written form for future generations.  There were few painters that had their creative minds permanently recorded, as well.  It has to do with access rather than a lack of desire by the masses.  I am sure there were plenty of peasants that were poets lyricists and singers.  (Probably not as many poets as peasants were rarely taught to read and write.)  How many woodworkers in the feudal system had the time and money to invest in a paint kit?  Not many.  But today we have access.

There is so much access now that universities actually have courses designed to instruct students on how to differentiate between sources of the written record that hold merit and others that are not “scholarly” in nature and cannot be used to back up statements made in intelligent discussion.  Like this site.  : )  So… if my interest is to share my thoughts and opinions and request (with miserable success, mind you.  Hint.) that you respond with your own thoughts and commentary in turn, then… what is the gain?  What I mean to say is, if I try to have an intelligent discussion through social media, but the conversation is generally considered invalid outside the document it resides in, then why bother in the first place?

The only thing I can come up with is that just because this article is posted on a free-access website and is available to any and all of the seven billion people on this planet, the emphasis should be on the any and not the all.  In other words, you.  Right now, I do not know who you are.  You could be my friend, my wife, my parents, my coworkers or complete strangers.  You may have clicked here through Facebook, Twitter or just happened on my post because you enjoy scrolling through the freshly pressed section of WordPress.  Based on past performance, this severely reduces the audience from seven billion to just a few people.  With that said, the “bother” is worth it to me because I wish to have deep discussions with total strangers, and I am not alone in that idea.  That is how we make friends and other-than-friends.

So that’s it then.  Enough with the procrastination.  Lets get back to it.

See that Elevator Motor?  When installed, these were the largest in the world.  This motor powered one of the express lifts in the towers, and people ascended at a rate of 1,600 feet per minute.  That means it took under a minute to get to the top floors!  Here, it is seen as destroyed by an act of terrorism.  Wow.  The manufacturer succeed in making the “biggest & best” of something.  Can you imagine if somebody told them, “Why bother?  It will fall back to the Earth in a few short decades from now.”  We would be at a loss if everyone shared that worldview.  We should never hide creativity for the fear of future destruction- but we should support the police forces of the world to eradicate the destructors.  Thankfully, most of us do.

I have the access to the September 11th Memorial Museum, access to the internet and the ability to write about it.  Even though thousands are able to see the museum for themselves, millions more are not.  So I will write about it here in a future post for any particular one of you that may be interested.


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