Reverse Therapy

Dust off that RSS feed, because here comes another post!  And this one is going to directly counter the previous post.  I sold the Olympus E-M5, bought an E-M1 with the 12-40mm f2.8….  and then got rid of everything I owned that was Olympus and Nikon (save for a couple of flashes) and made the switch to Canon.  How is that for a kick in the philosophical teeth I was trying to create in last year’s post?

Alright.. so what happened?  I really liked the Olympus.  Well… that is to say I tried and tried and tried to really like the Olympus.  I made some fantastic pictures with it that I shared on here as well as Facebook and such.  I repeatedly told myself that the detail loss I noticed would not be noticed by anyone else, and who cares because the lightweight system was so compact, too!  I told myself that not being able to see the stroma fibers of the iris in a portrait would not be noticed by anyone else, and who cares because the lightweight system was so compact, too!

You see what I did there?  I masked an actual “artistic vision” problem the Olympus presented and replaced it with a solution that has nothing, zero, zilch, nada to do with the actual process of creating photographs.  That concern reached a boiling point at about a time when Canon offered some remarkable rebates and I could get a 90 percent return on investment for the Olympus through Amazon.  Oh, by the way, Amazon is totally the new eBay if you are looking to sell something in their catalog.

In the end, the decision was like this:

If I am constantly looking at reviews and taking test images to see how my m4/3 sensor measures up to the larger sensors, then why not just get the bigger sensor?   Why buy a product that promises to be as good as the market leader, when the market leader is perfectly available to me?

In other words… if a full frame sensor is what we are using as a measuring stick in the level of this hobby that I am currently residing in, they why not just buy the measuring stick?  How else can I say this?  Visually:



This is a Volkswagen Jetta.  A decent car, promises to get you from A to B safely.  Has four doors, an engine, windows and stuff.. you know.. everything you reasonably expect from a sedan.  HOWEVER, this particular Jetta’s owner decided to put a BMW logo and BMW’s M5 badge on the trunk lid, as well as some shiny muffler tips.  (What the heck is this fascination about the exhaust port on cars, anyway?!?)  The owner seems to suggest this sedan is the equivalent of a BMW M5:

A Real M5.

Ok, so what is the difference?  They both get from A to B and have doors and windows and seats and cup holders.  The Volkswagen is lighter.  More fuel efficient.  Cheaper…  Seems like we have a winner.  But look closer:  Light weight, fuel efficiency, and cost have never been on the priority list of automobile aficionados, has it?  Nope.

The same goes for photography.  And the same goes for clothes, shoes, food, vacations, gifts, promises, work ethic, and love:  We should never strive to find something as good as what we are really after just because it is a little cheaper or light weight or some other reduction that removes it from the actual playing field we need to be in.  We must to go all in if we have any chance of relishing what we have and are privileged to share.

All in with the Canon 6D

All in with the Canon 6D

So yeah.. got the 24mm tilt-shift lens because you know… all in. ; )

Thanks for reading, hopefully more to follow in less than twelve months.




Your thoughts?

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