I Believe.

  1. In order to assist in creating the right mindset while reading this post, it is important for you to feel the same music that I felt while writing this. Click on this YouTube video of Jeb Corliss grinding the crack. It is OK if you watch that flying man grind the crack first.. it will help set the mood. But do play the soundtrack again in the background before continuing here : )
  2. Who knows where I am going with this. But there might be profanity, so pack your earmuffs. Like a crazy painter, I don’t know where words are heading but it is important to let them fly away without regard of where they are headed.

Just where the hell do we think we are going, anyway? Better yet, just where the hell does the news get off leading us down this path of instigating poorly researched arguments about nothing and between the most important people in any of our lives: our family. Politics…? Religion…? “Those other stupid people” that never seems to include anyone in the present party we are complaining to…? No. This cannot be as good as life gets.

Should I consider arguing with my family and loved ones about who should be the next political leader of our country? Is losing hair over such a thing really worth all the effort? According to Dr. Ditto (haha) of the University of California in Irvine, it certainly is not worth the effort. Often enough, yelling about such contentious issues does nothing to persuade but only has the ability to further anchor the opposition in their own beliefs. Life is too damn short. (Thanks Pop-pop, it is finally starting to make sense.)

How dare the news networks (ALL of them) blast their slanted, biased, and slanderous opinion down my throat. How dare the politicians tell me how much of an asshole the other guy is instead of letting me use my own mind to decide. How dare the world expect me to resolve everything that is out of my control. Shame on me for thinking I could handle it, anyway.

If humans are the top of the food chain, why is it that nothing else on this Earth has ever been shown to emulate us, but we have always looked to the skies?

Mr. Corliss, whatever you think about him and his crazy-awesome hobby, does not appear to be worried about what the Senator from Indiana has to say about the Senator from New York. And he is in free flight… Like a bird… In the sky we have all been caught looking up towards at one time or another. When did events on the ground in far away corners of the nation matter? When did I get so worried about it?

Spending a day on the lake at Christmas with my wife, my dog, and my parents is so much cooler than bickering about things that really don’t matter. And looking at a five year old photograph of my family this morning is still sooo much cooler than worrying about what President Obama or Governor Romney will do tomorrow.

Think about it: the President you hate today was not the President you hated four years ago, and in four more years, he will be part of the list of those forgotten people. But our lives are our own. What else in the world could be more important than focusing on those who will spend their entire lives with us?

I understand that the presidency is important to many people and that religion is doubly important. But what if we could fly? How cool would that be? What if instead of constantly trying to explain our positions on contentious issues, we just go out and absorb the overwhelming energy that surrounds the immense diversity that surrounds us? …And if we don’t have any diversity nearby, why not try to mix it up a bit? Maybe jump off a cliff and grind the crack like a flying squirrel…. or if not that, why not write a blog to share with friends and family to point out that there is some dude grinding the crack like a flying squirrel!

He won’t go to war over Islam or Christianity. If he wants to break into the States from his present home in Vancouver, he is just going to fly there and won’t think twice about it. He doesn’t care about red and blue states, because he is black, brown, yellow and white. Racists will lose their mind over that one.. hehe

This morning, January 30, 2012, Police Officer Senior Gail Thomas of the Atlanta Police Department will be carried to her final resting place by an overwhelming show of support from a multitude of Police agencies after she was struck and killed by a drunk girl driving down the highway with no care to share this world with the rest of us. I attended one Police Funeral and still get chills from the incredible thoughts, emotion, and challenge that Trooper LeCroy’s life and final watch left with me. I never met him. But I will also never forget him. While I am not prepared to attend another for some very personal reasons, I do hope that she and her family did all they could to enjoy their time together. Looking at one photo, something tells me that was the case (See related story below).

And so hear we have it, the true purpose for my burning desire to scratch some thoughts down that I don’t mind if any of my six point eight billion brothers and sisters see. Whatever happens in the ever after, I trust that Officer Thomas will continue to smile ear to ear, because now she can fly! And how cool is that?

Fair winds and following seas, Gail.


-Mark Wyman


Sail by the Megalithic Symphony

3 thoughts on “I Believe.

  1. Mark,
    Your thoughts were expressed so beautifully. I’ve never done this before, so I hope this note reaches you. Thank God we are somewhat free in this country to express our thoughts. You are so correct in saying religion and politics should never be argued over between families. So many families and friends have been split apart because of just that. How I loved seeing the joy in your faces on our 1st Christmas cruise together in GA. I thank God every day for the times we can share together as a family. It’s not the quantity of times spent together but the quality. You continue to make us and your Pop Pop proud! We pray for Matil and your safety every day. Thanks for the memories and those we have yet to make! Love, Mom


    1. Thanks Mom. You know, one of the many benefits of always taking photographs is that I have examples to use in order to better explain where I am coming from. I know I certainly don’t have to tell you that, but I think it is important to say that I really like that I learned that from you. Dad continues to teach me how to take meaningful photographs, and your albums and organization still teaches me photographs that are not available to be seen are not worth having. This isn’t to say that they must be reviewed daily, but it is to say they are available any day I wish to look through them. That means a lot.

      Another more recent example was the videos you made when we first moved here. Looking at those a day, week, or even six months after the fact doesn’t have a whole lot of emphasis. Looking at them five-six years later means a lot. The same goes for looking at the photo albums, which now have just a wee bit more than five-six years since the memories were frozen on paper. I hear some of the photos you have may be as much as eight years old!

      Thanks again, I hope to find something new to write about soon. : )


  2. Dad & I both watched the video again together and really loved it. Of course, we loved your added comments as well. We appreciate you using the combination of our skills to make you who you are. Thanks again. Your folks! P.S. Do I click the notify me of follow-up emails or new posts below? This is what I’m not sure about. Thanks again.


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